Here are some outside views of the Rotor Site at Portland. They show the general site layout, and the above ground items in the Verne Moat. For Underground views Click Here.

Although the access to the bunker via the Bungalow was via a lift, the bunker itself is not burried very deeply, it is actually located in the Verne Moat, the floor of which is about 40' below the bungalow level. You can actually stand onthe roof of the bunker if you descend to the moat level where you will find the 2 air vents. The interesting thing is that this location is actually outside the perimeter fence of the compound and there was free access to it.

Gate - The gate house and site entrance.

Rotor Bungalow - Front view of the Rotor Bungalow.

Air vent - The Air vent/Emergency Exit from the Rotor Bunker, and view up to it from the moat.

Pipes - view of pipes leading down into the Verne Moat and an access box with phone cables at moat level.

Vent - close up of Air Vent in the Moat, with pipes in the background. You are now standing directly on top of the Bunker.

Pit - Brick manhole in the Moat, marked Pit B1

Unknown Bunker - View of entrance to an earth covered mound at the South of the Site. Thought to be a Reservoir.

Unknown Building - Anyone know what this was used for? It is on the site of the old USAF Microwave relay Station.

Plan - Plan of the Rotor Site and Aerial Photo. (CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THE WHITE CIRCLES, they are made up of rubble now).

Aerials - 1956 photo of a Radar Site..

Type 54 Mast - A photo of the 200' Type 54 mast towering over the Verne ramparts

WW2 photo - this shows a mast on the Verne on approximately-Day. Go to this page for more old pictures and questions about the Westcliff Site

The following are pictures of the scanner plinths, refer to the plan for the location of each one

East Plinth - close up of radar plinth closest to the cliff edge. Second View of this Plinth with the Emergency Exit and Radio Mast in the background.

North Plinth - North Plinth behind Rotor Bungalow.

NW Plinth - Plinth in NW corner of compound..

S Plinth - Plinth near the unknown bunker mound.

SW Plinth- Plinth in SW corner.